Children make choices about how they behave. It is the responsibility of us all to guide and coach our pupils to make the right choices. We take a positive approach towards managing behaviour, where respectful relationships are fostered between staff and pupils and between pupils themselves. We aim to create a calm and orderly environment in and around the Academy, where children feel valued and secure and find learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We encourage pupils to work hard and look after their toys and equipment; to listen attentively during lessons and avoid interrupting; to always be honest and never cover up the truth, and to be kind and helpful and avoid hurting the feelings of others. Every pupil is special and we regularly identify, reward and celebrate their many successes. These successes can be in any aspect of Academy life. They include rewards for regular attendance, outstanding achievement or making a positive contribution to the local community. We use a wide range of rewards, ranging from simply saying “Well done!” to issuing stickers, certificates and prizes. We hold regular celebration assemblies and special events to celebrate the achievements of our pupils. We have “Golden Rules” displayed in all of our classrooms.

The Codes of Conduct for Staff and Pupils and the Home-School Agreement set out our expectations clearly. If pupils make the wrong behaviour choices, there is a system of warnings that lead to a variety of consequences. If a pupil’s behaviour becomes a matter of concern, parents are informed and asked to come to school to discuss the matter and rectify the problem. Staff aim to be fair, firm and consistent in their behaviour management. Any incidents will be thoroughly investigated and recorded by an appropriate member of staff. The school keeps a record of any serious incidents.