Curriculum Information

Progression Map

The progression maps outline what children will be learning within the subject for each year group. Teachers use them to develop pupils understanding and master skills at age appropriate level.

For more information about the progression map, check our downloads below. 


Title Download
Art and Design Progression Map 2019-20 Download
Design Technology Progression Map 2019-20 Download
Geography Progression Map 2019-20 Download
Science Progression Map 2019-20 Download
Star Points Score- SPS

The Star Points Score framework is a criterion-based assessment approach. The standards outlined in them are consistent with National Curriculum (NC) age-related expectations. The SPSs are used to make half termly assessments for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

For more information about Star Points Score, check our downloads below. 


Title Download
SPS Mathematics 2019-20 Download
SPS Reading 2019-20 Download
SPS Science 2019-20 Download
SPS Writing 2019-20 Download